Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

Gambling is a lot of fun because you not only enjoy playing games but also get the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Today, you can play at online casinos as well besides the land-based casinos.

In the brick-and-mortar casinos, music is played to keep people in the right mood to gamble and to create a party-like environment. You can do the same when playing in online casinos at home.

There are now various online casino apps like PlayAmo mobile app that makes gambling very comfortable. When gambling online, you can watch the following music videos to create the perfect mood and environment for gambling.

‘Waking Up in Vegas’ – Katy Perry

Featured image Music Videos to Watch When Gambling Waking Up in Vegas – Katy Perry - Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

This song will give you a picture of Las Vegas casinos. You will feel as if you are playing inside the casino. In this video, you will see the pros and cons of travelling to Las Vegas. The video shows how the girl keeps on winning different games of slots, poker and more. She goes on shopping and enjoying an extravagant lifestyle.

Slowly, her luck fails to favour her, so she starts losing money until she loses everything. This video is a perfect way of showing that you should be in control of yourself when you are gambling and play sensibly. This will set you in the right mood to gamble.

‘Lucky Be A Lady’ – Frank Sinatra

Featured image Music Videos to Watch When Gambling Lucky Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra - Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

This is a great song to listen to when gambling. It reminds you that the ‘luck’ element is present in gambling. It’s a classic song and has been very popular over the years, especially to those who love gambling.

‘Poker Face’ – Lady Gaga

Featured image Music Videos to Watch When Gambling Poker Face – Lady Gaga - Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

If you are playing video poker, then this is the perfect song to listen to. This song will give you the confidence to win and you will have a positive mindset when playing poker.

‘The Gambler’ – Kenny Rogers

Featured image Music Videos to Watch When Gambling The Gambler – Kenny Rogers - Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

This is a very popular gambling-themed song. The video shows a glimpse of how to play blackjack. Here Kenny Rogers takes shots of whiskey and tries out his hands at the gambling table.

‘Queen of Hearts’ – Juice Newton

Featured image Music Videos to Watch When Gambling Queen of Hearts – Juice Newton - Music Videos to Watch When Gambling

If you are in the final round of poker or blackjack, then you must see this music video. It will give you the kick you need to feel the excitement of the game. The beautiful nature shown in the video will take your mind away from the stress you are feeling while gambling and freshen up your mind.

These songs will inspire you and help you to focus more on your gambling efforts. You will feel more energy during gambling by seeing these videos. Some of the videos show the different kinds of games you can play in casinos and gives you an idea about the casino experience. You will increase the excitement of gambling by many folds if you watch these music videos when gambling online at home.


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