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You will find many music blogs online today. But what makes this blog special is that you will find articles bout all aspects of music in one platform. Unlike most of the music blogs that talk about famous singers and top charts, you will find other diverse information about music here.

This blog is created for music lovers and musicians. Whether you are just looking for information about musicians or you want professional advice to move forward with your music career, you will find everything here.

It is particularly helpful for aspiring musicians as you will know about the different platforms where you can showcase your music. This blog can help you create lots of opportunities in the music industry.

We have a team of dedicated writers, researchers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers and other professionals who help us to create this blog. We always try to create diverse content to make our blog appealing to a wide group of readers.

We are looking for enthusiastic contributors to join our team and help us make this blog better.

If you are a musician or have in-depth knowledge about different aspects of music, then you can write for us. We want you to create unique content that our readers will find interesting. If you are interested, you need to follow certain guidelines mentioned below.


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You should choose an interesting topic. You shouldn’t write about anything that has already been published here. You should do thorough research and go through our archive before choosing a topic.


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Your sentences and paragraphs should be short. Not all readers of this blog are music experts. So, you shouldn’t use any jargon. You must write in a conversational tone. Make sure that you have a good opening paragraph to captivate the readers and ensure that they read the rest of the article.


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You must include relevant images with your article. Just ensure that the image doesn’t have any copyright issues. You should submit the image file along with your article via email.

We won’t accept any plagiarism. So, make sure that your content is original. You should check for any grammatical or typing errors before submission. Once we receive your content, we will review it and if necessary, ask you to make changes.

We will notify you about the acceptance of your article within two weeks. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog. We hope to hear from you soon.